Monday, July 21, 2008

Bonding at Bondi

Today was a relaxing last day in Sydney to say the least. We started off the morning with a trip to the Blessed Mary MacKillop Shrine which is right down the street from our hotel. We were able to pray at her tomb which was quite remarkable. Pope Benedict XVI was there last week and listed it as one of his most memorable moments of his visit.

We then went to the WYD Merchandise store in Hyde Park to do some last minute shopping. We then had lunch in the food court beneath Sydney Tower. After lunch we headed out to Bondi Beach. As you can tell from the pictures we had a great time laughing and playing in the water (probably not the smartest thing for those of us with colds but what are you gonna do?). The teens made a cross in the sand that drew quite a bit of attention from some other toursists as they stopped to take pictures. We also wrote a few notes in the sand including "Quo Vadis" and "Dad and Mom...Thanks." Here are the pics:

One of the few times I wasn't behind the camera. Alicia and I taking a break in the surf...

That picture is probably the best way to wrap up the trip. I think you will discover the rest as you speak to your kids when they return home.

We are leaving the hotel at 9AM local time which is 5PM on Monday back home. We should be into Houston around 6 or 7PM on Tuesday night. Pray that all of our flights are smooth and on time. We will be home soon. Stay tuned in for a couple of days after we return as we will blog a few more stories that have been left out due to time and exhaustion. Also, we are already planning a night where we share our experience with the parish. More details on that will follow. Having said that, we are coming HOME!

Pax Tecum,


Rebecca Jares said...
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Ralph and Paula Day said...

WOW!! Your pictures are awesome!! So glad you are all smiling and look well. So glad to hear you are coming home. We are ready to see and hug all of you. You all have been deeply missed. The "thanks Mom and Dad brought tears to my eyes. The cross in the sand says it all. I am so PROUD OF ALL OF YOU!! What a family you have become! The bus is ready to pick you up! Continue to spread your joy!!
God Bless you and keep you in His safe care.

Anita Kapchinski said...

The pics are awesome - good to see "behind the scenes Tom" and Alicia - you are both looking well! I, too, teared up when I saw the cross and the "thanks" pics.

Angie S. and I just checked Qantas 011 status and were dismayed to see that your 13:20 (1:30pm) departure has been delayed until 16:00 (4pm). This will certainly put your connecting flight in jeopardy.

Rebecca Jares said...

Thank you again for all the hard work on the blog! All the pictures and background. We will continue to pray for you all and your safe return! We look forward to your idea of having an evening on your pilgrimage! I hope you are feeling better! Take care drivers! I believe thunderstorms and wind are expected tomorrow! We will pray for all of you!

Ralph and Paula Day said...

I have definitely enjoyed you all sharing your experiences...what a blessing the Lord has bestowed upon yall...I will continue to pray for your safe trip home and look forward to hearing of your journeys...I love and miss you K!!! God Bless :)