Friday, July 18, 2008

Is Texas a State or Country?

This is probably one of the most common questions I have heard today. Ever since we got our Texas flag flying high, we have a steady stream of visitors who inquire as to where we are from. We explain to them that we are from Texas. Most of them instantly recognize the place and then ask all the stereotypical questions. Others could not understand why we were flying our state's flag and not our country's flag. Let's just say the guys from Colorado understood completely. They know how we Texans are.

Anyway, I do not have much time today. We just arrived home at 10:30 PM from a long day. We probably walked about 4-6 miles. To answer Angie's questions from the comments section: no we are not eating properly, no we are not sleeping enough, and no we are not drinking enough water :) We are doing our best and everyone is holding up fine so far. However, tomorrow is the toughest day of the trip. We will leave the hotel at 7AM for a 6 Km walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Domain. At the Domain (a large park by the cathedral) we will celebrate Mass with Cardinal George from Chicago and the other pilgrims from the U.S. (only about 15,000 which is an intimate gathering of friends by WYD standards). After Mass we will walk the remaining 5-6 Km to Randwick Racepark where we will claim our spots for the night out under the stars. We will have an evening vigil with the Holy Father Saturday night and then morning prayer and Mass on Sunday morning. Once the crowd clears on Sunday, we will work our way back to the hotel where we have a relaxing night of pizza delivery planned. We will then sight see on Monday before heading home on Tuesday.

I have posted a couple of blogs from some of the teens. I apologize that I do not have the time or energy to post them all quite yet. Hopefully I will have some time on Sunday. We are in the final leg of this pilgrimage and I will say that we have had some pilgrim moments. The kids are handling everything pretty well and the adults are surviving as well. We are all really humbled by this experience. All of us miss our loved ones back home and are looking forward to our return.

Again, we will be off the air for a few days but please keep the comments coming. We will be praying for all of you in the meantime.

In Christ,


John-Claude said...
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John-Claude said...

Having seen all the flags as I zip in and out of the CBD for work, I will agree that the Texan flag stands out, although I too had to think for a second if it was Chile or Texas.

I'm glad to hear that your group is enjoying your visit to our city, sorry about the weather though.

Seeing as Sydney is the largest metropolitan city in the world, I hope you guys get the chance to venture out beyond the CBD for a bit, you'd be surprised how much it changes in just a few km's, don't try to get it all in one go though, The State of New South Wales is around 60,000 square miles bigger than Texas, a good reason for a return trip!

Enjoy your stay!

dachsie21 said...

I saw your Texas flag on EWTN and also saw a Texas A&M flag and wondered if you all saw it and if you knew who it was. It was really cool to see it all. I am happy that you all are having such a spirit filled journey. Boy, i wish they had done this when i was your age. Take care!