Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where do you see God?

During one of our group discussions the question was asked, “Where have you seen God in the past few days?” Here is a response from Sara Phillips:

Well I saw/felt God when our group was riding the ferry in downtown Brisbane. Amanda had just come inside the boat from taking pictures outside and I grabbed her camera and started to look through the pictures and delete the ones that meant nothing so that I could clear up some space for her on her camera. Welp, I cleared up some room alright. I had accidentally deleted every single picture from her camera. The pictures from the Houston airport to the pictures from the ferry ride. I felt so bad for what I had done, but it really hit me that God was truly present especially when the look on my sister’s face was a look of forgiveness. I thought that she would be so upset with me, but she wasn’t. By the grace of God she and I both accepted what had happened and realized that yes, maybe there were a couple of pictures that may not be replaceable but everyone has great pictures to share! We have designated photographers on this trip for a reason. Sometimes we just have to take what we do have and move on. Just because Amanda and I became pitureless does not mean that it is the end of the world. We just have to keep the memories in our hearts and take pictures of what is to come. Pictures may get lost but memories last forever.

God Bless,
Sara Phillips

PS. Sara wanted me to pass along that she really misses and loves her family and misses John more than ever.

Along that note, I think all of the kids are starting to miss home and miss family.

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