Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ora pro Nobis!

Final preparations (logistically and spiritually) are still being made. I wanted to offer you the names of the pilgrims on our journey so that you might pray for us by name while we are gone. Our parents have graciously agreed to offer Holy Hours for us on the days we are away. Would you please consider offering an extra prayer, rosary, Mass, or Holy Hour as well? Here are the names:

Fr. Michael O'Connor
Alicia Giesy (Adult Leader)
Tom Reitmeyer (Adult Leader)
Claire Burdick
Jordan Burdick
Kevin Day
Kayla Gonzalez
Kevin Kapchinski
Sean Kriger
Therese Martinez
Amanda Phillips
Sara Phillips
Thomas Phinney
Jodi Simmons
Katie Smith
Katie Solcher
Marta Swanner

I am hoping to post a brief itinerary soon so that you can follow our trip with us if you are interested. Also, I am hoping that a few of the teens will be posting soon.

Pax Tecum,

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