Saturday, July 12, 2008

Quo Vadis?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Quo Vadis? It is latin for "Where are you going?" The phrase is inscribed on a red wristband that Fr. Michael procured for all of our group here at the YAI Festival. We were each asked to pray and ask God where is it that He wants to take us. The short-term and simple answer to this question is, "We are going to Sydney."

Here is a quick look at the Praise and Worship session from Friday night. The band, Rex Band, is from India...and yes folks that is one sweet "key-tar."

After Mass yesterday we boarded a bus and headed into downtown Brisbane. From Adelaide St. we then took the #375 bus over to Paddington for a visit with the Busch family. John and Kristen (son and daughter-in-law of parishioners Paul and Ann Busch) moved to Brisbane about four months ago from St. Louis for John's job. They and their two sons, Patrick and Thomas, welcomed us into their home with open arms. They served us an amazing meal of hamburgers, sausages (called Snags over here), salad, chips (what we call chips not fries), cookies, and soda. We all certainly ate our fill and enjoyed the time of camraderie.
We all enjoyed playing with Patrick:

The food took its toll on the teens. They found a quiet place to sleep though:

Here is a group shot with John, Kristen, Patrick, and Thomas:

After leaving the Busch's we headed back to the Queen St. Mall in downtown Brisbane. We heard that Target had a good selection of official WYD clothing for cheap. We were quite disappointed when we got there and they did not have a very good selection. We bought a few necessities at the grocery store and then hit the souvenir store again. There was plenty of time for bonding and joking around with each other when we were waiting for everyone to finish their shopping.

The Days in the Diocese Festival had let out and there were literally thousands of people walking the mall. There were different folk dances, dancing circles, singing groups, and a parade of flags. I decided to drap the Texas flag around my shoulders to see what kind of people I could meet. It was not long before we were greeted by a group of Aggies from San Antonio. WHOOP! We decided that what Brisbane was lacking was the experience of a good old fashioned Aggie yell practice. With me doing a poor impression of a yell leader, we held yell practice on the corner of Central St. and Queen St. Kevin Day entertained the crowd with some dancing and a back flip.

Once all the shopping was done we began our walk back to the bus to take us to Nudgee. While walking we sang the Aggie War Hym and Back Street Boys. It was probably the only time the two songs have ever been sung in close proximity to one another. We had an hour wait for the last bus of the day to arrive. We then started beat boxing and singing different songs.
Thomas could not find a pole to swing on, so K Day filled in:

When the bus arrived we were on it with a group from the Phillipines. We started singing praise and worship songs and to our surprise the Phillipinos joined in with us. It was awesome and a lot of fun. When we arrived back at the college we attended the night session and then concluded for the night, but not before we played the cup game (yes Jason, we did it for you....)

Today being Sunday, we are concluding our festival here. Alicia and I are trying to get some of the kids laundry done while they are in workshops so we can have a fresh start in Sydney. We leave the college this morning at 3Am to catch our flight. Please pray that the travel goes well as I have already heard that Qantas has canceled some of our flights. We are on QF 501 leaving at 555AM if you want to play along. So far, our flight is on schedule.

I will try to get some pictures up between laundry loads.



dHtnsaUIzPq4v.tghlH4BCPWcOiC02Y- said...

We have been praying for you all. We hope you are growing spiritually. Each morning Marta's alarm goes off at 9:20 and her mother says a prayer for you and turns it off :-). We miss you very much! We are _very_ proud of you. The blog is a big hit with all of the family.

ZeldaWisdom said...

We are praying that ya'll have a safe and uneventful trip to Sydney. Kev, I hope you educated the Aussies on another Texas fight song...! Miss you and God Bless!

dHtnsaUIzPq4v.tghlH4BCPWcOiC02Y- said...


Marta and I have been following every word in your blog with great interest. Thank you so much!!! Your thoughts and writing are superb. They are informative and charming at the same time. We are grateful for the leadership you, Alicia and Fr. Michael have shown. We have a little message for Marta. Think ACT, think 99th percentile nationwide ;-).

Martinez Family said...

Thanks for the great updates and pictures! We have really enjoyed reading about your experiences.
We will be praying at the chapel as you leave for Sydney. Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will continue to fill and empower each and everyone on this pilgrimage.

Therese, your dad says he is starting to see halos in the pictures! We love you!!!!

Anita Kapchinski said...

I spoke with Paul and Ann Busch at Sat. 5:30pm Mass and they were so happy that their children, Kristin and John, were able to host our pilgrims in their home. When I told them how very grateful all the parents are for there generosity, Ann stressed how enjoyable their time together was and that there wasn't a crumb of food left! I just spoke with Fr. Michael (4:45am Mon.) and they are boarding their flight to Sydney as we speak. He says everyone is in great spirits (at 4:45am????) and the excitement is building as they take this next step in their journey. They will be checking into a hotel in Sydney and are all hoping to catch up on sleep.

Ralph and Paula Day said...

Fr. Michael, Tom and Alecia:
WE are so very grateful for your spiritual leadership and wonderful sense of adventure. God has truly blessed our youth with your presence.
We are praying for all of you daily. Your blog is wonderful and spiritually uplifting. Thursday 7/10 I lit candles for you in the Adoration Chapel. May His light be your Light. Pass it on!! K, Day, we are so proud of you for keeping the "troops" in good spirits! We miss and love all of you!

The DIRECTOR of Youth Ministry said...

Oh how proud I am to see that the Cup Game has made is all the way to Aussieland! You all continue to be in my prayers. God Bless!

Rebecca said...

Hey Thomas,As I leave for Italy this morning I just want you to know that I am praying for you and already missing my "bigger brother" alot. But what's with all the swinging on poles/Kevin Day? Anyways, say hi to the Pope for me.I love you!Rebecca

Anita Kapchinski said...

Tom - Ok - I've held it in long enough - it's official: I miss you very much (don't worry - I'll deny it if you dare remind me later). I cleaned out your office in anticipation of Fr. Nock moving in today. Your things are boxed up and stored next door. It's a little surreal - especially not having Fr. M. popping in and out and arranging things (yes, I miss you too Fr!). Tell K-Kap his facebook profile pic is getting LOTS of double-takes back home now that he is in Sydney - very impressive!

Anita Kapchinski said...

What an awesome event. I have prayed for the experience that it appears each of you are having. Not only to see new and different people and things but how others live and pray. You all can spread the grace of God during your stay and be rewarded for it. Kevin we will have a surprise for you when you get home and all is well with your house to move in when you get home. My prayer is to continue to watch over, protect and fill each of you with the spirit. Karl K.

kkgonzalez said...


we miss you very much. We check daily for messages from you- continue to pray for family and friends and please stay in touch- love mom